Messages from Gaia Part 2: How to Transmute Energy

Messages from Gaia Part 2: How to Transmute Energy

“Dear Friends,

    I would like to talk with you today about a different topic that is currently affecting the Planet – the energy that you emit.

The energy that you emit is quite strong.  And your energy is comprised of your thoughts and feelings from moment-to-moment.

Your thoughts are emanations from your mind, and your feelings are emanations from your soul.

Both are levels of your consciousness that you control.

I, Gaia, know that your World is often turbulent.  I also know that many of you are here to help transmute this turbulence into a softer form of light.

I would like to take a moment and teach you how to transmute a lower energy into a higher energy:

When you feel or think a lower energy, such as:

  • Sadness
  • Pain
  • Lack
  • Anger

Use this technique to transmute, or uplift, the lower energy into a higher one:

Focus your mind on the lower energy.  Give it all of your attention.  Notice how it feels -giving all your attention to a lower energy.

Now imagine the opposite side of this same energy, for instance: You would imagine the sadness as its opposite: Happiness.  And you would imagine pain, as its opposite: Peace.

Good. Now you understand how to transmute any lower energy a higher energy: You imagine it as its opposite.

When you use this technique, you are not only helping yourself, as well as raising your own vibration – you are helping the Planet, your neighbors, your pets, and your children.

This is an easy habit to practice, and overtime it will become first-nature.

Next, I would like to speak more about the imprints of pain, conflict, and darkness that I spoke of in my first message.

These imprints are still in place and may remain in place for a longer time than originally planned.

The imprints are not easily removed.  They have been embedded in the Planet with the intention of never being removed.

We, the Group of Light, are working to dissolve the imprints slowly overtime.

You can assist in this process by embracing the practice of transmuting your thoughts.

When you do this, overtime, the imprints become loosened and are easier to dissolve.

Let us now speak on a different matter: The Oceans

Your Oceans are suffering.  We, in the Spiritual Worlds, have sent many messages, through many channels, about this.

And we will ask again, that this area of your World, be attended to.

You can attend to your Oceans in these simple ways:

  • Collecting Trash
  • Helping Wildlife
  • Sending light into the Ocean waters
  • Sending thoughts of love into the Ocean waters

How to Send Light into the Ocean Waters

Sending Light is natural for spiritual beings.  You are a spiritual being, and you do have the ability to send light to anyone, at any time.

Sending light comes from either your Soul or your Spirit.

Let us discuss how to send Light from your Spirit.

Your Spirit is the part of you that exists in a higher world. 

This part of you can see and feel light in a way that your physical body cannot.

To access this part of you, you must reach up into your imagination.

Your imagination will allow you to sense the Light of your Spirit.   The Light of your Spirit is the purest light that you carry.

This light also exists in your soul, mind, and body, at a lower frequency.

Your imagination also exists in your soul, mind, and body, at a lower frequency.

Your imagination will guide you in seeing your own Light, and the Light of your Spirit is already activated. 

All you need to do is direct it to a location.

Your light often looks like a very large halo of white-light emanating from the top of your head.

Your “Halo” could be anywhere from 2-feet to 5-feet in width.

Imagine that your halo is now sending, or sharing, its light, with the Ocean.

When your Spirit is working correctly, this will feel effortless.  And when your Spirit is in need of repair, this will feel difficult, or full-of-effort.

If you feel that this experience is difficult, please ask your Angels for assistance.

You may send your light to the Ocean from anywhere – your home, your backyard, a beach, or a mountain.

Next, let us discuss how to use your Spiritual Light.

Your Spiritual Light is at a specific frequency that is unique to you.  And your Light has many healing properties.

All Spiritual Light carries these healing properties:

  • Care
  • Healing
  • Health
  • Longevity
  • Peace

Your Light can be used to hasten the healing of your mind or body, a plant, or an animal, a piece of land, a country, or any location on the Planet.

You may have already used your Light to help soften discord on the Planet, this is a common practice among Lightworkers.

Lightworkers are those who use their own Light to help others.  Not all do this.  Many use their Light to help only themselves, fearing that they will deplete their own light. 

It is important to know that this is not true.  I would not ask you to deplete yourself at any time for any reason.

You can direct your light, just as you did for helping the Ocean, and you use your imagination to send it where you want it.

In my next message, I will be speaking about the current energetic state of the Oceans.

Be Well and Be Light.”

*Oracle card image is from the Keepers of the Light Oracle deck by Kyle Gray