Seeing The Spirits of Animals

Seeing The Spirits of Animals

I was thinking that the month of Halloween would be the perfect time to talk about spirits!  😊

So, a “Spirit” is the conscious, spiritual body, of a living person or animal or a departed person or animal.

And usually, a spirit will look near identical to how they looked when they were alive.

Spirits can be seen with your mind’s eye or with your spiritual sight (the sight of your spirit). 


I’ve had many experiences overtime with seeing the spirits of people and animals.

When I was in my twenties, the spirit of one of my childhood dogs used to sit on my bed at night to keep me company.

Out of all the dogs I had during childhood, this one, named, “Lady” is the one that I have the sweetest memories of.

Lady’s spirit would sit on my bed for around 15 minutes, and her presence always comforted me.

There were times when I could even see an indentation in the location where she was sitting.


About three years after this, I was doing a gallery reading, during a time in my life when I was just beginning to do spiritual work with the public.

There was a woman in the front row that I felt drawn to give a reading to.

And when I tuned-into her energy, I saw that she was surrounded by dozens of living animal spirits, both large and small.

There were dogs, a cat, mice, a snake, squirrels, and birds all around her.

I told her what I saw, and she replied, “Well…I do love animals”, and everybody laughed.


More recently, I had a similar experience, except with the spirits’ of around 20 cats!

About 2 years ago, I was in bed, when I suddenly awoke to find cat spirits all over my bedroom.

The cats were all different sizes and colors.

Some were sitting on my bed, some were on the floor, and others were sitting on my dresser and nightstand.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes – the cat spirits were everywhere!

And, even more amazing - they were all communicating that they wanted to live with me!

I felt overwhelmed, yet I knew why all of this was happening – I had recently begun daydreaming of adopting a cat. 

Eventually I fell back to sleep, and when I awoke in the morning, three cat spirits were still in my bedroom.

I got out of bed and addressed the remaining cat spirits, letting them know I wasn’t quite ready to bring a cat into my home.

And in cat fashion, one of them replied, “That’s fine.  I’ll just stay right here.”

Over the next few days, the cat spirits left – including the persistent one.


These are some of my experiences with seeing the spirits of animals.

In my next article, I’ll share some of my experiences with seeing the spirits of people.

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