Seeing Spirits II

Seeing Spirits II

In my last Seeing Spirits article, I focused on sharing about seeing the Spirits of Animals.

In this post, I’d like to share about some of my experiences with seeing Human Spirits.

A Human Spirit is the Spirit of a person.

And their Spirit usually looks similar to how that person appeared in life.

It’s also possible to see the spirit of a living person.

In this article, I’m going to focus on seeing the Spirits of departed loved ones.


My first experience with seeing the Spirit of a departed loved one was when I was 14 and my Grandmother passed away.

It was two days after her death, that I awoke at night and saw a glowing, golden light at the foot of my bed.

It was a beautiful, satiny, gold light, mixed with shades of green, and the light was the height of a person.


Initially, I didn’t know what I was looking at, and I ducked under the bed cover out of fear.

I waited for a few seconds to pass, then I slowly poked my head up over the comforter – and I could clearly see who was at the foot of my bed – it was my Grandmother who had passed only two days ago.

I could see her Spirit, which looked just like her, and had gold and green light radiating all around.

She was smiling at me, while sending me the message that she loved me. 

This lasted for several seconds, then her image faded from the room.

I never told anyone about her visit, and I even forgot about it for many years.


My next memorable experience of seeing a departed Spirit was in my twenties, while working at a call center.

I had recently made friends with another women, also in her twenties, who worked at the call center too.

She had shared with me that the father of her new baby had passed away within the last year.

Overtime we became friends, which is probably what led to this next experience.


I was at the help center, working on an evening shift.

I was sitting at my desk when I noticed the spirit of a man standing off to my right.

I turned to look at him and he moved a bit closer to me.

Intuitively, I knew who it was – it was my friend’s departed boyfriend – the father of her new baby.

He was wearing a red sweatshirt that had writing on it and a pair of faded jeans.


I could tell he was trying to communicate with me and tell me who he was.

So, I opened my senses so that I could “hear” his communication.

He told me his name, why he was visiting, and a message that he wanted to get to my friend.


I began writing everything down on paper, so that I could give it to my friend, as this was the first time I had experienced a spirit approaching me, with a message to convey to another.

During our communication, I suddenly experienced a surge of doubt, and I began asking him to “prove” his identity to me.

I’m not sure where this doubt came from, but it proved to be helpful, as he was able to show me a tattoo that he had on his leg.

I quickly scribbled down the information about his leg-tattoo to give to my friend.

The entire experience lasted about 15 minutes, so it was a good thing that I was the only person in the office that evening.

I later discovered that he, the spirit, had shooed people out of the office that night, so I would feel free to communicate with him while at work.

The next day, I gave my friend my notes from his visitation.

She was surprised, yet receptive, and was able to validate that this was her departed boyfriend.


Another memorable experience of seeing a Spirit was during a client’s reading when her Grandmother appeared in front of me.

I was giving the reading over Skype Video, when the client’s Grandmother appeared in my office.

She seemed flustered and was putting a lot of effort into communicating with me.

She had several messages to pass to her Granddaughter, and she stated that she’d been having a hard time getting these messages through.

I was able to pass the messages – which were mostly messages of encouragement, because her Granddaughter was struggling at that time.

When the reading was finished and I was no longer on video chat with my client, I got a big surprise.

My office was suddenly showered with dozens of pink tulips made of light!

The tulips poured down from Heaven all around me, and I knew that they were a big, “Thank You” from my client’s Grandmother.

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