How to Use Light Healing for Others | Downloadable Video Workshop

Light Healing is the practice of using various colors of Planetary Light to heal and uplift parts of your body, mind, energy, and life.

In the prerequisite video workshop, How to Use Light Healing for Yourself, you learned how to use Planetary Light to uplift your physical and emotional health, and to brighten your career, home, and overall life.

In this downloadable video workshop, How to Use Light Healing for Others, you'll learn Lightwork methods for helping and brightening the lives of others.

You'll learn how to do Lightwork for people, locations, family members, animals, and nature.

We'll also bring the focus back onto you, and cover how to do Light Healing on your intuition, your crystals and stones, your food, and your water.

At the beginning of this workshop, you'll be guided through a Light Healing Meditation that cleanses and brightens your psychic senses and awareness.

And at the end of the workshop, I'll discuss how to hold a Lightwork Circle.

The purpose of a Lightwork Circle is to send light healing as a group, which can be stronger than sending light healing as an individual.

You'll also receive a workshop .pdf handout via email, that includes a prayer for Lightworkers, along with other helpful workshop information.

Once you purchase this video workshop, it’s yours to keep.  You can watch it online, on your Smart TV, or download it to your computer.

The video length is 1-Hour and 20-Minutes.

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