November Special: A Written Report of Your Spiritual Gifts

You have many unique spiritual gifts that you have earned, acquired and been gifted over many of your lifetimes.

In this report, you’ll receive a list of your current spiritual gifts, what they are, and how to apply them in daily life.

Each person has at least 10 spiritual gifts and sometimes more.

These gifts help explain who you are as a spiritual being, and they create the foundation of your personality. 

You can purchase this report for yourself, your children, your spouse, or other loved ones:

If you purchase this for someone other than yourself, just tell me their name, relationship-to-you, and age, in the "Notes" section of the checkout page.
Please also let me know who to send the completed report to.

Once purchased, you'll receive your report via email as a .pdf document within 48 hours of ordering it.