Spiritual Contracts and Your Angels Lecture and Meditation

Spiritual Contracts and Your Angels
Lecture and Meditation

20-Minute Learning Lecture, 18-Minute Meditation

In this lecture and meditation, you’ll learn about what spiritual contracts are, how they can affect you in both positive and negative ways, the 10 most common types of spiritual contracts, and the signs and symptoms of spiritual contracts that are out-of-date.

The angels have also found that many contracts have been misused overtime and your personal angels will remedy this for you during the meditation portion of this class.

The meditation portion is focused on allowing your angels to update and release any spiritual contracts that are no longer considered healthy or for your best and highest good.

This meditation will also connect you with your angels in a deeper way, on the soul-level.

After completing this meditation, you can be assured that your spiritual contracts are up-to-date, healthy, and working in your best and highest good. 

And this meditation is one that you’ll use many times over to keep your spiritual contacts healthy and beneficial to you.

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