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Universal Spiritual Healing Certification Course

Universal Spiritual Healing Certification Course

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Universal Spiritual Healing

UPDATE: This course is currently being converted to an online video course.  I will have announcements and newsletter updates once it's available.

Universal Spiritual Healing is a system of spiritual healing that teaches you how to work and heal with many different spiritual partners.

Spirit and I created this healing system with a focus on providing high amounts of spiritual healing in short amounts of time.

USH is also a high-vibrational system of learning that places the healer in an accelerated space of spiritual growth.  The knowledge and healing you receive from this course is sure to set you on path filled with light, healing, and new way of looking at life.

You’ll learn to apply spiritual healing to all areas of life, such as:

  • Family, friends, and pets
  • Clients and your business
  • Your home and workplace
  • Your levels of consciousness
  • The heart, mind, and body
  • The Human energy system
  • Spiritual Contracts and Past Lives
  • Relationships, work, and money

USH is accessed through using a chart-and-pendulum system that allows you to apply spiritual healing without physically touching a person’s body or energy.  So, you can apply Universal Spiritual Healing in-person or at a distance.

You can use USH all on its own or choose to integrate it with other healing modalities.

You’ll learn to work with Angels, Archangels, Divinities, and Ascended Masters for the purpose of improving your life and the lives of others.

Your spiritual proficiency will increase as you learn the in’s-and-out’s of spiritual healing.

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