Courage: A Message for Lightworkers from Archangel Michael

”Dearest Lightworkers, now is the time to step forward with your gifts and talents.  There is no need to hide. ...

Help with Seeing Angel Signs

After I published my 6 Common Angel Signs video, I started getting more questions on how Angel signs work.  There’s ...

Karmic Clearing

[frame][/frame]Whenever you’re having problems with another person or a group of people karmic energy is often the influence.  This means […]

10 Signs That Your Home Needs a House Healing

[frame][/frame]The energies in your home have a great effect on your health, your mood, and your ability to relax and […]

Relax and Pray About It

[frame][/frame]I had dinner with a friend this week at Brio Tuscan Grille in Lone Tree, CO.  They had a small […]

Messages from the Archangels

Archangel Ariel on Generosity & Prosperity: “Prosperity comes from the heart.  Whenever you feel generous, that’s a wonderful time to ...

21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

1.  Archangel Michael: Part of Archangel Michael’s mission is to release humanity from fear and he can greatly assist you in this on a personal level.  Sit or lie down, relax your body, and ask Archangel Michael to remove all fear from your energy.  Most heavy emotions or vibrations can be traced back to fear and releasing it gives you the freedom to vibrate at your naturally high state.

2. Watch...

What Does Raising My Vibration Do?

[frame][/frame] Your personal vibration is your energy.  It could also be called your light, your energy signature, or your personal […]

Messages from Archangel Michael

“Time is a reflection of your inner world.  When there is a decision inside of you that has not been ...

Archangel Michael’s Messages to Lightworkers

[frame][/frame]“Lightworker rejoice!  Your time for action is nearing and your minds are growing stronger with excitement and knowledge.  There are […]

How to See Auras: Part 2

Spend as much time as you need on each step and have fun with it.  Practice often and once you ...

How to See Auras: Part 1

Seeing a person’s aura is easier than you think.  I’ve noticed that people get blocked in this area when they ...