Your Angels Can Shelter Your Mind While You Sleep

Your Angels Can Shelter Your Mind While You Sleep

A message from my angels about our minds and sleep:

“Dearest Ones, we speak to you now as your own angels do.  We would like to take this time to share with you our awareness of how wonderful your minds are.  We see that your minds are very advanced for this time on the planet and we wish to credit you with love and validation that you have worked very hard over many lifetimes to achieve all that you do with your mind today.

Your mind works at a frantic pace throughout your day and at night we seek to bring you peace and rest for your mind and body as they both require high doses of respite. 

We seek to find you while in your deepest time of sleep where we shelter your mind from the world around you.  We do this by sheltering you with our wings as a peaceful way to help you rest.

Your minds are so advanced that they even work while you’re in your deepest levels of sleep and we seek to bring your minds to a place of quiet for just a moment.  Your minds are deep and full of wisdom, light, and remembrance for who you are and why you are here at this time on the planet.  Your deepest levels of sleep allow us to access the parts of your mind that are hurried and frantic during your daily walk in life.

We hope that you will ask your angels to shelter your mind while you sleep this night and be taken into a night of deep rest and gratitude for all that you are.”