10 Signs That Your Home Needs a House Healing

[frame][/frame]The energies in your home have a great effect on your health, your mood, and your ability to relax and rejuvenate while at home.

A house healing is a psychic reading and clearing of the hindering energies in your home.

House healings are suitable for any type of residence such as homes, apartments, or dorm rooms.  Here are the top 10 signs that your home needs a healing (in no particular order):

  1. There’s constant clutter and you can’t find the motivation to clear it out.
  2. You have a room or rooms that you don’t like to spend time in.  They may feel cold, icky, scary, empty, sad, or polluted.
  3. You’ve been through a difficult divorce or separation and you’ve decided to stay and live in the home.
  4. There’s been drug use in your home or an occupant has an alcohol or chemical addiction.
  5. You haven’t been able to bond with your home.  You’re not the first owner and you don’t feel like you really own the home.
  6. You’ve seen, heard, or sensed a spirit in your home or you feel like you’re being watched.
  7. You have frequent nightmares or experience sleep paralysis.
  8. There’s been violence, intense arguments, a death, or criminal activity in the home.
  9. You experience consistent home problems such as mortgage difficulties, constant home repair, or continual problems with a neighbor.
  10. Your home was foreclosed on at some point in the past or you live in a high foreclosure neighborhood.

Many also choose to receive a house healing when they’re trying to sell their home or they’re moving into a new residence.  When you move into a new home it’s good to clear the energies of past occupants so that your energy can spread out and bond with the home.

Jen works with a team of Angels and Guides to help you understand the energies in your home, while cleansing your home spiritually and energetically.  She offers House Healings in-person in or near Denver, CO or remotely via phone or Skype.  Contact Jen today for a House Healing.