Archangel Michael Message: Finding Life Purpose Employment Part 2

Archangel Michael Message: Finding Life Purpose Employment Part 2

“Dear Friends,

     I come to you now to continue to speak about “Life Purpose Employment”. 

I receive requests, daily, to help many with finding and enacting their life purpose.

Your life purpose is not meant to be difficult to find or understand.

It is meant to be a reflection of you. 

It is meant to be a reflection of your best and most needed talents and interests.

Your best talents are those that you have developed over many incarnations, here on Earth.

Your “most needed” talents are those that are most needed at this time on Earth.

There are many who do not feel that they can be employed using their true talents.

We, Archangels, do not see this as true.

You always have a way to find or to create employment that involves your life purpose.

And we, Archangels, are happy to help you create Life Purpose Employment.

Some, are already doing this.

Others, are still searching for a way.

If you are searching, know that this is the first step and we applaud you for this.

Many are seeking ways to integrate their talents and interests into their current employment.

We highly encourage this, as it is the easiest way to engage in Life Purpose Employment.

We would like to encourage you and your loved ones to support one another in these efforts.

We feel that being employed doing something that you’re already naturally drawn to, is the best way to work.

You can, of course, start fresh and learn a new skill, and some are asking for this as well.

If you feel that you want to “start fresh”, it may mean that you’ve already completed your original life purpose and are seeking something new.

You can work with your Personal Angels to find the best, new, life purpose for yourself.

In 2018, many adjusted their life purposes and there are still some adjustments happening.

Many decided to try something new, then changed their mind, and asked to be placed back into their original life purpose.

We, Archangels, are happy to help, and we encourage all to choose one true focus and commit to it.

If you feel that I am speaking about you, know that you can always work with your own Angels to adjust your path as needed, to accommodate any new skills, talents, or abilities that you develop overtime.

Our main goal is to help you find joy in your life.   

And we wish to stress that you can find joy in Life Purpose Employment.

Next, I’d like to speak about the process of receiving employment.

Receiving employment is the same as receiving any other type of resource in your life.

And receiving resources happens when are you are open to them.

To be open to them, you must be in alignment with what you are seeking.

If you are out-of-alignment, with what you seek, it will not be able to find you.

To be in alignment with anything, try this exercise:
Imagine what you are seeking.  Notice how clearly, or how not clearly, you are able to imagine it.
This clarity, or lack of it, is what lets you know your current level of alignment.
To adjust your alignment with anything, try this:
Imagine what you are seeking.  Imagine a beam of light connecting you to what you are seeking.
Allow this beam of light to be white, bright, and strong.
Hold this image for several minutes, then allow it to release.
Good.  Now you understand alignment and how it works.


I have one more topic that I’d like to speak about: Time

Time is important in your World.

One challenge of incarnating in a Physical World is that you are limited by time.

This limitation is not meant to hinder you though – it is meant to encourage you to move with haste.

It is meant to remind you, daily, that your Physical-World-experience is temporary. 

Please remember this when thinking of how to express your life purpose. 

Many feel that they will be able to wait until they reach a time of retirement, and then, apply their life purpose.

We, Archangels, encourage you to see now, as the best time to apply your life purpose.

Please take what is in this message and share it with others that are also seeking life purpose employment.”