Archangel Michael Message: Times Are Changing

Archangel Michael Message: Times Are Changing

“Dear Friends,

    You may have noticed that the energies of your world are feeling quite different.  Some have told me that they feel scared, while others have told me that they feel freer.

Others are reporting a higher incidence of nightmares and feelings of discontent, and others are reporting feelings of ease.

This is all happening for a reason.

The Earth and everything on it is preparing for a change which we, in the spiritual worlds, are calling a shift into light.

This shift into light has been known about for many millennia, yet it never seemed to fully unfold as many wanted.

We believe that it is now unfolding, and you are a part of it.

This is indeed a special time to be on Earth.

The Earth has gone through many upheavals since your birth.

And there are many dimensions that exist around you that are changing dramatically.

These other dimensions are ones that you also exist in as well – they are the energy planes and the spiritual planes of life, and you have parts of your consciousness living there.

We, the Archangels, have been asked to ensure your safe journey through this time of change.

We know that many are asking for more insights and information, and one way to experience this change is through feeling it.

When you feel the change, you remember it.

We know that many of you seek greater insights about this change, and for those, we ask you to join us for our messages and updates as we put them out.

We intend to speak on a more detailed level about what is occurring and what has just begun in your world.

We know that you will allow yourself to be guided to the right gatherings and we look forward to your presence.”

From Jen: I'll be bringing through messages and info this weekend (11.10.18) from the Archangels on an online gathering: Messages and Updates from the Archangels All are invited to attend.  :-)