How to See Auras: Part 1

Seeing a person’s aura is easier than you think.  I’ve noticed that people get blocked in this area when they think auras should be seen with their physical eyes and that it should be no different than looking at this computer screen.

Well, there are people that see auras with their physical eyes and what’s more common is seeing auras with your mind’s eye.  Your mind’s eye is internal, in your head, and it’s another word for your third eye or your psychic sight.  The easiest way to begin accessing it is to close your eyes and connect with your internal vision.  For example, when you close your eyes and imagine an apple, you’re using your mind’s eye.

Before we go further, I’ll offer a basic definition of what your aura is.  It’s your personal energy that surrounds your body in an egg shape and has many different colors in it.  Each color holds information and images that can be read psychically.

Primary Aura Color
In this article, I’ll cover a basic technique for seeing a person’s primary aura color.  The primary aura color is the one that most permeates their aura and tells you a little something about their personality.  Primary colors usually stay the same for many years.

In the following technique, you’ll first identify a color and then you’ll read the information in that color.  Being able to read primary aura colors is fun and it definitely comes in handy.

Tip: Before you go on a date with someone checkout his or her primary aura color.  Do you find their color attractive?  If not, that tells you something about compatibility right away.  Aura colors are a representation of personality.

Ready to Give It a Try?
Move on to Part 2, which covers the technique and real reading examples.