Messages from the Archangels

Archangel Ariel on Generosity & Prosperity: “Prosperity comes from the heart.  Whenever you feel generous, that’s a wonderful time to manifest for yourself.  Generosity carries a sincerity that is divine and true, and is one of the threads that brings people together.  While you’re feeling generous, you’re very able to receive during that time of openheartedness.

Archangel Chamuel on Finding the Career of Your Dreams: “There are many people wondering everyday, “Am I in the right career for myself”?  Well, let’s ask your body that.  How does your body feel when you’re at work?  Is it light, excited, heavy, or indifferent?  Let your body tell you what career is right for you.  You picked a certain body-type based off your career choice that you planned before this life.  Many people find that their body feels heavy when at their job.  This indicates a separation between the career of their dreams and the career they’re currently in.

It’s easier than you think to change careers.  Your Soul would not have picked a career that doesn’t work for you financially, mentally, and physically.  When you begin to manifest the career of your dreams, things simply begin to happen like magic.  When you make the choice to let go and transition to your Soul’s path, magic happens.  Simply ask for help and tell God that you’re ready to do this.  Do not give up on your faith; you came here to do something special.  Ask to be placed onto your path with gentleness and ease.”

Archangel Raphael on the Softness of Spirit: Today I would like to talk about how to be soft with yourself.  So many of you are trying to make something happen in your life that you forget about the softness of your own sprit.  Your spirit can fill your body with the energy of calm.  In a moments notice, call on your spirit to change the way your body feels.

The softness of the spirit can heal the body.  The softness of the soul can heal the heart.  When you’re pushing to make something happen in your life, your spirit can also be pushed in front of your body, as if your spirit is walking in front of you.  Call your spiritual-self back to your body-self and allow them to merge.  When the spirit is in the body, it heals the body.

Archangel Jeremiel on Vision Holding:  Your ability to hold a vision for yourself is a gift given by your creator.  Vision holding was not always part of the human experience.  It was blended into your makeup many millennia ago.  Vision holding is the experience of creating an energy-picture and then projecting it into the future.  When you hold a vision, you are projecting points of light into the future.  Each point of light is filled with your consciousness.  As you steady your focus on those points of light, they expand and become your reality.

Archangel Raziel on the Secrets of the Self:  The Secrets of the Self are those little gifts that you have given to yourself and setup for yourself prior to your incarnation.  These gifts will unfold at certain points in your life.  They have little timers on them, set to elevate you and gift you with more of your own energy and abundance at certain times in your life.  These gifts are known to us as the Secrets of the Self because they represent who you really are as being, energy, and light.  They are your brilliance.

These gifts are also used as milestones.  When you reach a goal for yourself, you often come upon one of these gifts.  It’s a beautiful way to give to yourself and it makes the roadmap of life one that is filled with your own treasures.

Jen: Since these are gifts, why do you call them a “Secret”?
Raziel: Because from the Human perspective these gifts contain parts of you, that have seemed distant, remote, or like a “secret” that you have been wanting to know.

Archangel Ariel on Abundance: “Abundance is the hallmark of an open heart.  Look around to all of the people throughout history who have hearts that shine with radiance.  Notice how their needs were always met.  Their openness allowed them to receive whenever they needed it.  Notice an area of your life where you have concern about your needs being met.  This might be in relationships, finances, or friendships.  Ask your heart to open wider to these areas.  Do not be scared to receive your abundance.  When you have more for yourself, you can give more to others.”