The Saints Surrounded the Room

The Saints Surrounded the Room

This past weekend I attended a sound healing event in Denver where a small group of women played different instruments such as drums, gongs, rattles, and crystal bowls for almost an hour.

They created an hour-long, very intense, sound-healing treatment using these instruments.

All that was required of the attendees was to lay on the floor and relax. As I got comfortable on my mats and pulled a blanket over myself, I noticed Archangel Raphael standing at my feet. He placed a large bubble of vibrant green light around me and I knew that it was time for some healing.

One of the women began the event with a prayer that called on may different realms of benevolent spiritual beings. This was when I began to see dozens of beautiful spiritual beings surrounding the room.

First, I noticed the angels, then I began seeing the Saints, then came the radiant light beings. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Saints were called upon, as not all new age events are dialed-into the realm of the Saints.

As I gazed at the Saints, I began to feel a deep sacredness fill the room. It felt like a reverence-for-the-divine was present and I absolutely loved it.

As the music played, I sank into a healing experience and began releasing past life memories that were no longer benefiting me.

At times, I think some people might believe that calling upon spiritual beings is like a religious ceremony or a pleasantry that’s nice to do, but may not produce results.

My experience is that when you call on these beings they really do show up – instantly. And the greater your connection and relationship is with them, the easier it is for them to help you in your life.