What are Energy Cords?

What are Energy Cords?

Energy cords are hollow tubes of energy that can be as small as a thread or wider than a garden hose.  They extend from you to others and from others to you and are a form of energetic communication.

They often connect to your chakras, your aura, and many other parts of your energy bodies.  They are not a part of your energy system and are created by people when they want to talk to you energetically rather than verbally.

Here’s what usually travels across energy cords:

  • Emotions, feelings, and thoughts
  • Positive or negative energies
  • Requests for support
  • Expressions of irritation
  • Conversations or arguments
  • Attempts at controlling your decisions, opinions, or behaviors.

The average person has a high number of energy cords and at times you can reach your threshold for having too many cords.  When this happens you may start experiencing the negative effects of having too many energy cords.

Here are some common signs that you’re reaching your threshold for energy cords:

  • You can’t seem to recover from fatigue
  • You wake up feeling irritated
  • You have “phantom illnesses” that don’t show up on medical tests
  • You have thoughts that don’t seem to match who you are. You may think, “Why in the world did I just think that??”
  • When you close your eyes to rest, you see images that don’t seem to have anything to do with you or your life.
  • You experience physical body aches for no apparent reason.

Energy cords can be cleared remotely, at a distance.  If you’d like feel what it’s like to be free of energy cords, you can order your energy cord clearing treatment here.