What do Grandmas do in Heaven?

Earlier this week, I was writing an article on spiritual healing and I was asking God who I should include in my list of spiritual healers that work with humanity. Suddenly, a group of older women appeared before me with smiles on their faces and hands that glowed with light.

I knew right away that these women were grandmothers. Not only did they look the part, but they exuded that sweet, caring energy that grandmothers are known for.

As I began communicating with them, they shared their story with me. You know how grandmas will get together and form a knitting group? Well, this group of grandmas got together and formed a healing group. How cool is that?

They call themselves the Heavenly Healers and they offer healings to people like you and me who are here on Earth. Now I understood why their hands were glowing so brightly with light – their healing tools were their hands.

There are around 12 grandmas in their group and here is their message to us:

We are so pleased to meet you. We work with many people just like you. We work with children, teenagers, or adults. Our healing work is very important to us and we seek to bring awareness and knowledge to those that are interested. We especially love working with children, as they are very receptive to our style of spiritual healing.

If you would like to work with us, please just think of us and we’ll hear your call. We are so excited to be introduced to you in this manner. We care very deeply about those that we help and we like to form a healing bond them.

We have been studying healing for a very long time. Did you know that there are schools of healing here in the heaven worlds? We recently graduated from a course that allows us to do this work with you. Many people [in heaven] are taking courses on healing at this time. There is a great desire to help those that are living on Earth and requesting help.

We are so pleased that you’re connecting with us. God bless you.

This lovely group would like you know that they are available to work with at any time.